Sugar, Nui & Tang

Discover together with our Sky Dream Team the Asian way of life. Whether your personal groceries, the washing of your laundry or your individual needs, we are there for you. Thailand is known for its massages. Either we order the staff or we bring you to the most famous massage spots at one of the top beaches. Gladly our team can cook with you in typical Thai style or you simply sit back and enjoy the specialties of Asian cuisine - simple, fast and healthy! If you are looking for a place to party it is also not a problem. We advise you and help with the necessary demands, that your party will be still a topic the next day at the pool side. If you get hungry right after, we take you to the authentic street food in Thailand, find your perfect dinner with your feet in the sand or an exquisite restaurant. Get in touch with the Sky Dream Team for your needs and we attempt to make your heavenly stay unforgettable.

– Please inform yourselves about the corresponding service packages.

 The Sky Villa is fully staffed and were so absolutely sweet — we had great conversations and spent quality time with Toi and Tam. They cooked breakfast for us daily, dinner the first night, and did a few grocery runs for us as well. They coordinated massages, taxis, and even Muy Thai fight tickets, provided us with fresh towels, and cleaned up the house for us. And when one of the guests had a bad scooter fall, they came right in with huge first aid kits and took so much care of us — truly above and beyond. Again, I can’t say enough about this place! I hope to be back. It was a truly magical experience.
— Leslie, June 2017